Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs T-fal Actifry Review

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs T-fal Actifry Review

These models of low-fat multi cookers make a perfect option for you. They are designed to use very little oil so you can cook low far delicious dishes. With such a fryer machine you can use only one tablespoon of oil to cook two pounds of fries. This way you can use two hundred times less oil to prepare your fries than when you would deep fry them.

Your fries prepared with one of the low fat multi-cookers will have only 3 percent fat per serving. This will help you eat healthier as well as saving money with your cooking recipes.

A low fat multi-cooker appliance can be used for making chili, stir-fries, risotto, gumbos, or even desserts. Some of the recipes using these appliances do not require using any oil at all. No matter what you cook, you’ll never need more than 2 spoons of oil.

Multi-cookers are easy and safe to use. Since you only need a tiny bit of oil, there is no need to store it, so you can use only fresh oil each time. You do not have to constantly watch your cooking, as the temperature stays constant with a multi-cooker.

Until now the air fryers are not extensively used in the United States, but they are hugely popular in Europe, the UK, and Australia. Households in these places use air fryers even more often than microwaves. The explanation is the fact that cooking with little or no oil is much healthier.

However, air fryers provide more benefits than that:

  • Cleanup is easier – you don’t have to deal with grease all over your counter and stove.
  • Unlike traditional frying, cooking with air fryersdoesn’t stink up your house.
  • Cooking with air fryers won’t heat up your kitchen as much, which is a big plus in humid climates or during the summer.
  • You don’t have to deal with quarts of used oil and find ways on how to best dispose of it.
  • A good air fryer will also provide you excellent results on crispiness, and the flavor will only slightly differ from the unhealthy deep fried version.


In order to help you select the best model of oil less fryer we provide you with our comparison Big Boss oil less fryer vs T-fal Actifry review. After considerable research, we concluded that the best air fryer is one of the two models studied in this review. Except for a couple of key features,the Big Boss fryer and the T-fal Actifry are almost identical.


T-fal ActiFry is a higher rated model in many online reviews. On Amazon, for example, around 53 percent of users give it a 5 star rating. Owners of this model are satisfied with how it performs in cooking French fries, shrimp, chicken wings, and all sorts of veggies.

This T-fal ActiFry FZ700251 model features a built-in paddle for stirring foods as it cooks and it comes with a capacity of 2.2 pounds. The ActiFry gives you more cooking capacity.

What I love in this unit is the self-stirring feature. The purpose of the stirring paddle is to turn and lift food as it cooks. That helps to achieve more even results. I can use this appliance to cook basic air fried foods, as well as stir-fried dishes, meat or veggie stews, and even granola.

  • There are many pros to T-fal ActiFry. The 2.2 pounds capacity allows more cooking space when you need to prepare meals for a large family or some guests. This air fryer works well for cooking a wide diversity of low fat dishes.
  • When it comes to cons, we couldn’t find many. One potential problem is that if foods are getting caught and stop the paddle, it can burn up the motor if you don’t stop the unit in time. Some customers complained about the fact that this model doesn’t shut itself off when the cooking is finished, even if it has a timer that sounds an alert to notify you.
Many consumers on Amazon give the T-fal ActiFry 4 or 5 star ratings and I like this model for its larger capacity, which is a plus if you have a larger family size. I also like the convenience of the scraping paddle withthe function to stir your food as it cooks. Overall, the T-fal Actifry seems to be a good choice of multi-cooker appliance.


When it comes to size,the Big Boss Fryer, at 16 quarts, provides you an even larger capacity. The air fryer also features a timer. This is a popular model, also featured in some “as seen on TV” campaigns. The Big Boss Fryer model also rates well on Amazon user reviews.

Around 32 percent of customers gave it 5 stars. Its owners appreciate the fact that this model performs great at cooking French fries and crisp chicken.The Big Boss Fryer can also do a good job with foods such as frozen fries, beef and pork roasts, chicken strips, chicken fried steak, and even pastries.

  • Among the pros to this model of air fryer is its large capacity. The reliable Big Boss Fryer performs well in cooking various low fat dishes, including fries, pastries, chicken strips, crisp chicken, chicken fried steak, beef and pork roasts. Many satisfied customers have given this model 5 stars reviews on Amazon.
  • a potential issue with this air fryer model is the fact that its cooking unit is located in the lid and the glass bowl is large and heavy, which makes it more difficult to clean these parts.
The Big BossFryer model provides you a healthier way to cook by frying foods with little or no oil at all. The large capacity allows you to cook for a large family or guests. This model provides good cooking results and also has the advantage of a bargain price.

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